Silverado Senior Living: BUSTED!

As you read this, Silverado Senior Living’s Sugarland facility is BUSTED! The police are on site to address the elder abuse and exploitation (Texas Penal Code 22.04), assault (22.01), false imprisonment (22.02) and other criminal acts perpetrated against this sweet 93 year old, who has been held against her will at their Sugarland facility for […]


Silverado’s Culture of Fear

LOREN SHOOK, CEO of Silverado Senior Living tells us how “LOVE is greater than FEAR” and is the philosphy that transformed his life in the tell “not all” book he and Silverado’s other founding partner wrote, which makes my hurl factor escalate by the title alone. Notably, Residents and former employees take issue with that […]


Silverado Senior Living’s Narcissistic Bullies

I have had both the pleasure and annoyance of occasionally receiving letters from our State’s biggest Narcissists, who must have an uncontrollable impulse to google themselves all day long while the rest of us work–and then become so completely OCD fixated upon what a complete stranger thinks about them, as to not be able to […]


Dying to Leave Silverado Senior Living!

If you are considering Silverado Senior Living, you had better be prepared to have one foot in the grave and the other in an insane asylum because the nice pictures to lure unsuspecting families to SILVERADO’S quasi-criminal facility, where the staff drinks and dances while the elderly and incapacitated can be seen languishing for hours […]



In more glowing reports of this horrendous institution, SILVERADO SENIOR LIVING (OR DYING DEPENDING UPON YOUR PERSPECTIVE) made headlines in California when Rita Kittower’s husband was found dead after being beaten while residing in SILVERADO’S LUXURIOUS $7000+ per month facility! She was told that he stopped breathing, which I am sure is true–after being beaten […]

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Mad Cow Disease Epidemic Among Probate Lawyers

How far do you think God will go to get his message across?  Pretty darn far. Here’s a story of another Mad Cow, King Nebuchadnezzar, that has a lesson if were open to just hear it! But what if we don’t want to hear what God has to say? Well, let’s just say he TURNS […]


Scary Project Night Night

  “No matter how you define the term, if you want to become a guardian, you learn quickly that you’re not going to get there without a judge saying that you’re the guardian. It is for this reason that the Board of Directors of the National Guardianship Association determined last year that it was imperative […]


Dancing with Supermodels

     The lucrative “business” of Texas Guardianship Programs, depriving the elderly and disabled of all civil rights as they are committed to institutions hastening their death, deprived of contact with their children and family, and languish in despair–is a travesty of “justice” that has spread like cancer throughout Texas and beyond. We have Terry […]


Texas Guardianship – Isolate, Medicate, Liquidate the Estate!

Some court-appointed guardians for incapacitated seniors are not screened before they’re appointed, and many are not monitored by the courts after they’ve taken over the affairs of their charges, resulting in hundreds of allegations of abuse, a federal probe found. An investigation by the Government Accountability Office found allegations of abuse by legal guardians in […]


Casey Kasem & “I Dream of Jeannie”

The World may ultimately remember Casey Kasem for his charm, talent, and humanity spanning a remarkable career in radio top 40, but thanks to “Despicable Me” Jean Kasem (aka “I dream of Jeannie”), it may recall one of the most despicable public displays of hatred between the “new wife” (well, 1980..which leads me to question […]

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How many decades will it take to get up and protect the elderly?

The Wingspread Era In 1987, the Associated Press published a series of articles entitled Guardianship: An Ailing System, following its examination of 2,200 randomly selected guardianship court files. The AP report denounced the nation’s guardianship system as “a dangerously burdened and troubled system that regularly puts elderly lives in the hands of others with little or […]


Jenny Hatch Justice Project!

The guardianship system in this country raises serious concerns. That’s why the guardianship trial of Jenny Hatch, a vibrant and active 29-year-old in a battle over who controls her life, struck such a chord. Jenny spoke for many other people with disabilities when she said clearly in her trial: “I don’t need guardianship. I don’t […]


Ad litems love the Right to Privacy, but nothing else

The Bill of Rights, United States Constitution and Texas Constitution…awe inspiring docs that really should cover it all if people still adhered to them the way they do their own situational ethics when making life long harmful decisions for the elderly and disabled. When one of these opportunitists sees dollar signs, mesmerized by the hypnotic […]


Kids for Cash in Harris County Guardianship Court

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would see “kids for cash” in my own backyard, much less in Harris a County, much less in one of my cases. But I’m here to tell you that I’m a witness to three board certified lawyers and selling an autistic kid for cash. They sold […]


Guardianship 101: Adventures with Candice and Debbie

I am blessed and so grateful to welcome G.R.A.D.E advocate, Debbie Valdez to join us for a month long series: a www.blogtalkradio.com/elderlawradio 101: Everything you need to know about Guardianship Law in Texas, but were afraid to ask! Never in my wildest dreams did I envision meeting even a fraction of the amazing men and […]


Ever been thrown under the bus? Lessons Learned!

Have you ever been thrown under the bus by a friend or boss and make the “sacrifice” for their aspirations or goals? If so, you know how awful the experience can be. It seems as if it will never end sometimes! But, rest assured, it does. And, while you may receive vindication in this lifetime […]


Texas Guardianship: Damned if we do or don’t

 For all of the hope I had entering Harris County Probate Courts that it would be different than the brutal deprivation of civil rights I saw in special education by school districts and their crooked lawyers, I can confidently say my hopes have been dashed almost as soon as I entered–with the first two cases […]


86 Years Young, Dorothy Luck takes back her life!

In one of the first major reversals of misfortune attendant to being taken hostage by Texas Guardianship Programs, Dorothy Luck finally regained her freedom with ax extremely rare hearing to restore her capacity. Thanks to the Court of public opinion, the heat in the kitchen finally got too HOT in a Tarrant County probate court… […]

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Hospice & Palliative Care: The Grim Reaper?

Mercy Killing? With his mother wheezing and losing consciousness in a California nursing home, Robert Rogers wanted her moved to a hospital. Vitas Healthcare, her hospice provider, said that wasn’t in the plan. “Our job is not to prepare them to live,” a Vitas nurse told Rogers on the phone, according to a deposition he […]

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The Guardians: Big Brother is Watching You!

  In more disturbing news from the National Guardianship Association’s Schemer-in-Chief, Mr. Terry Hammond, I present to you his newest idea for silencing critics:  A Global Incident Map a/k/a Guardianship Success Map (2008). A friend e-mailed him a very frightening document to track global incidents of terrorism and other suspicious activity–updated every 5 minutes around […]

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Texas Guardianship ~ A RUDE Awakening for Most

Mary Gertrude Risacher Schwartz Fischer was a mother and artist who grew up during World War Two. As Mary began advancing in years, she began to worry about what the future might hold for her. She had no fear of what would happen to her financially because she had already established a secure financial and […]


Stand up for Seniors!

Houston needs to take a stand for our seniors NOW by joining PACS like the National Association for Elder Law Practice maintains because I am here to tell you that our elders are being exploited, abused and neglected!  It is the rule rather than the exception.  Though good intentioned, the Probate Guardianship program is infiltrated […]


Texts, Emails & Social Media in Divorce

Electronic communications such as texts, email and even posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming the most important pieces of evidence in divorce cases. In fact, 94 percent of 1,600 lawyers recently surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) claimed that text messages had increasingly become the […]


Determining Primary Custody in Texas

Parents frequently asked “How is primary custody determined by the Courts?” The term “primary custody” is commonly used jargon to describe the Parent with the exclusive right to designate the child’s primary residence, since parents will be deemed Joint Managing Conservators in most cases (“JMC”). Joint Managing Conservator denotes the fact that both parents have […]


Using Social Media to Deny Alimony in Texas

A trend has emerged in the context of Texas Family Law to refer to the opposing spouse’s social media accounts in search of “smoking guns” and obtain an edge. This practice has provided unbelievable evidence and is seen primarily in cases where the Parties’ estate is substantial and one party seeks alimony from the other. […]


Family Law & Divorce

“Staying married has its benefits. You can get much more sympathy from a bad marriage than a good divorce.”  Few things in life are as thrilling as marriage or as painful as divorce; yet for those who must endure the pain, there is hope, provided you keep diplomacy and the best interests of your children […]


Child Custody in Texas: Standard Possession Order

In Texas, Courts almost always defer to the Legislature-created “Standard Possession Order,” which seeks to fulfill our State’s goal of promoting meaningful, continuous contact with both parents in the event parents divorce, as many do these days.  There are rare circumstances which may cause a Judge to veer from the Standard Possession Order found in […]


Autistic Intelligence is not always what meets the I.Q.

 There’s more to the intelligence of autistic people than meets the IQ. Unlike most individuals, children and adults diagnosed as autistic often score much higher on a challenging, nonverbal test of abstract reasoning than they do on a standard IQ test. The same autistic individuals who score near or below the IQ cutoff for “low […]


Family Law: Relocation in Texas

Relocation has been a hot topic for family lawyers and for some of their clients for a few years. Courts have also published decisions in this area. With litigation involving the right to establish the child’s domicile becoming prolific, the guidance offered by these decisions is generally well-received and considered long overdue. The first decision […]


Special Needs Planning & Guardianship

As your special needs son or daughter reaches the age of the majority, 18, parents be aware of the need to begin transition services and obtain a guardianship so that you can continue to have access to information that would otherwise be confidential, make decisions on behalf of your disabled child, and receive State and/or […]


Special Needs Trusts

A Special Needs Trust is a specialized legal document designed to benefit an individual who has a disability. This may also be called a Supplemental Needs Trusts, denoting the items upon which trust assets may be spent.  It is important to remember that a Special Needs Trust is a living legal document that is meant to not […]


Special Needs Trusts: Autism

When it comes to creating a special needs trust for a disabled loved one of a client, too many practitioners focus only on the preservation of public benefits, says Stephen Dale, a disability advocate and specialist on estate planning. “Maybe 20 years ago that was good enough, but if that’s what you’re doing, you need […]