Arrival and Uber are co-developing an electric car for ride-hailing drivers

In an effort to become fully electric by 2025 in the UK and by 2030 in Europe and North America, Uber has partnered up with UK-based car maker Arrival to develop an affordable EV for ride-hailing services. Arrival’s car production is set to start in Q3 2023, but it won’t be exclusive to Uber.

The upcoming Arrival Car will be joining the rest of Arrival’s vehicle lineup, which includes the Arrival Bus and the Arrival Van. Like the other two vehicles, the Arrival Car will be a part of a “zero-emission” transportation ecosystem that provides cities with cleaner and more sustainable mobility solutions.

During the development phase, Arrival will receive feedback from Uber drivers to ensure the Arrival Car meets the requirements and needs of drivers and passengers. The car’s final design should be revealed before year’s end.

While typical cars make 10,000 miles a year, a ride-hailing vehicle can drive about 30,000 miles in that same period, therefore Uber drivers tend to spend a lot of their time inside their cars. With this in mind, Arrival it’s designing its EV car to be durable, comfortable, secure, and convenient.

“We are confident that electrifying ride-hailing vehicles will have an outsized impact on cities, and we are keen to support drivers as they manage this transition. Arrival Car will be designed around drivers’ needs to create a vehicle that is affordable, durable and desirable.” said Tom Elvidge, SVP at Arrival Mobility UK.

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s Regional Manager for Northern and Eastern Europe, said that Uber is helping London drivers replacing their cars with an EV by 2025. Through their Clean Air Plan, Uber has already raised more than $188m for that purpose.

Besides Uber, Arrival is working with other companies like UPS, who ordered 10,000 Generation 2 Electric vans for parcel transportation that should be delivered from 2020 to 2024, with the possibility to order another 10,000 after. Moreover, Arrival will also sell Arrival Bus to First Bus.