Mum-of-15 delivers baby number 16 – and they all have names beginning with ‘C’

A mum-of-15 has delivered her 16th baby – and all of the children have names beginning with the letter ‘C’.

Patty Hernandez, 39, from Charlotte, North Carolina, continued the unusual family tradition by naming her newborn Clayton.

She named all of her children with the same first letter in honour of their 38-year-old dad Carlos.

But Patty revealed that she and her husband had struggled to think up a new name beginning with ‘C’ before their latest son was born.

She said: “We couldn’t figure out a name and then Clayton just popped into my head.

“All the kids have names beginning with ‘C’ and we wanted to keep that going. My husband is called Carlos… it’s a tribute to him.”

The mum said her latest pregnancy was her toughest yet, although despite this she is still open to having more children.

Patty, who runs her own cleaning company, said she feels like her huge family is a ‘blessing’ from God.

She added: “God has blessed us with all these kids, I know some people don’t agree and there are nasty comments online but for us it’s a big blessing.

“I never thought I would have a big family until I started having babies. Then I thought ‘this is cool, why not?’ It’s really fun.”

“If God wants us to have another child we will have another one.”

Carlos was by his wife’s side on May 5 when she delivered Clayton, who weighed 8lbs and 4 ounces.

The mum was 40 weeks pregnant when she gave birth – her longest pregnancy yet – and she is still in hospital now.

“All my other births have been before 38 weeks. He just didn’t want to come out,” she said.

“The other children are anxious to meet their little brother. I’ve been in hospital since Tuesday. They induced me on Tuesday and he came out on Wednesday.”

Patty said most of the nurses at the hospital recognised her when she went in for the delivery.

“They were like ‘you were here last year, we see you every year’,” she said.

Patty and her husband currently spend an eye-watering £650 on food for their children every fortnight, however she stressed they do not receive any government support.

The couple earn enough from their cleaning business to pay their bills – and they hope their eldest Carlos Jr, 13, will soon be able to help out at the family firm.

The couple, who have never used contraception, also have three sets of twins, Carla and Caitlyn, aged 10, Calvin and Catherine, six, and Caleb and Caroline, three.

The rest of the children are; Christopher, 11, Cristian, nine, Celeste, eight, Cristina, seven, Carol, four, Camilla, two, Charlotte, one, and Crystal, one.